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How to Choose Christmas Gifts for the Family



Choosing Christmas gifts for family can be great fun, but finding the right ones can also be a chore. In this article we give you some ideas and some tips on what to get for the more difficult to buy for person in your life.

If you’re like me and love Christmas, then making sure that you get the right Christmas gifts for your family will be important to you. The problem is that finding just what you are looking for can sometimes be difficult.

I love everything about Christmas and tend to start preparations 6 months in advance with the home made Christmas cake, soaking the dried fruit in alcohol to give it that rich flavour and texture. It really gets me in the mood, but with my busy schedule I have to start early and write everything down, from food and drink, Christmas decorations and colour scheme, how many people for Christmas dinner to that all important special gift to suit the individual.

Having my home filled with people that I love during the festive holidays is everything that I need and more. Choosing the right gift is very important so here are my tips to help you on your way:

1. First of all you need to set yourself a budget as it can get very expensive if you don’t. Although money may not be an issue.

2. Divide the amount into how many people you are buying gifts for.

3. Write down the names, age and sex of the individuals.

4. What is each individual interested in? (Gardening, computers, cars, baking, cooking, entertaining, fishing, clothes, astronomy, photography, reading, horse riding, keep fit, cinema, theatre etc etc) Whatever their interest there will be something out there for them. Sometimes it can be difficult to establish what interests some individuals so you may like buy something a bit more personalised.

Depending on your budget will determine what type of gift you buy. If your husband has a keen interest in computers you may want to buy the latest, top of the range lap top, if you can afford it. Or you could buy computer lessons or a computer book. If your son is interested in astronomy it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new telescope, you could buy a cheap second hand one, organise a trip to an astronomy centre or purchase a related book. Theatre and cinema tickets are a great gift idea for someone who enjoys the experience but doesn’t go very often for what ever reason.

Slate is very much in fashion today from Black slate tableware, to personalised door, memorial plaques and special gift ideas. Whatever you choose, why not have a personal message of your choice engraved to make that extra special gift this Christmas.

What about aunty who loves entertaining and gardening. A black slate tiered cake stand especially for when having afternoon tea with friends, or for that special dinner party, slate table mats and coasters, a slate cheeseboard and accompanied candle holder to make it extra special. There’s always that personalised plaque for the garden or photo frames.

There’s so much to choose from so why not hand pick your chosen Black Slate table and gift ideas to make your Christmas presents unique and special.

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